Farmers & Family

Who we are.
Dicken, Tim, Carrie & Mary Crane (Family Board Member-Owners)

Dicken & his three siblings, Tim, Carrie and Mary grew up at Holiday Farm. Their parents, Fred & Joyce Crane lived in the farmhouse and oversaw the management of the farmstead and the forestlands surrounding it.

Carrie has a beautiful website which includes her portfolio.

Mary lives in Hinesburg, Vermont with her husband Paul. They have 2 children Carolyn and Elias; they own a small nursery and landscaping business. Mary works as a substitute teacher at the local high school, as well as helping out a friend with her catered lunch business for a local company. She says of Holiday Brook Farm "I grew up on the farm when there were mostly beef cows owned by my grandfather.  I was too young to remember the sheep my father had, although I do remember the stories. Occasionally horses boarded at the farm and eventually our parents decided to raise a few pigs. We have always made maple syrup, starting out with a cinderblock fireplace and slowly advancing to what we have today, a full blown sugar house. What’s funny is, now at home in Vermont, my husband and I have  nine  taps and I have returned to the cinderblock fireplace method. Holiday Brook Farm is a beautiful place and I feel lucky to have grown up there. I hope you get a chance to experience the farm and enjoy some of our products."

Dicken Crane (Farm Owner and Manager)

Dicken is the owner and manager of Holiday Brook Farm LLC, the farm business. Dicken and his three siblings own the farm land. They all grew up on the farm and all play an important role in its future. Dicken's role as the farm business owner is to make sustainable agriculture economicaly sustainable.