Bulk or Individual Meat Cut Prices

Purchase your meat either by bulk discount or individual cuts

We offer you Bulk Meat Packages at discounted prices, as well as beef in the half or whole animal. Feel free to call ahead if you'd like to grab multiple packages and we'll have them ready and waiting for you.

The packages that we have at this time are as follows:

10lb Sampler Package (Beef, Pork and Lamb) - $98

20lb Sampler Package (50% Beef, 50% Pork and Lamb) - $185

10lb mixed Beef Package - $85

20lb mixed Beef Package - $160

20lb all Ground Beef Package - $130

100lb mixed Beef Package - Not available at this time

10lb Pork Lovers Package - $102

All packages are subject to change according to supply. In-package meat quantities can vary slightly but overall package will represent total weights. Contents are farmers choice, no substitutions please.

All items in packages can be purchased individually at regular retail prices.

Individual Cuts:

BEEF                                          LAMB                                    PORK

Filet $17.99/lb                         Chops $16.99/lb                 Chops   $9.99/lb                                        

NY Strip & Flat Iron $14.99/lb   Ground $9.99/lb           Tenderloin   $17.99/lb

Sirloin and Ribeye  $11.99        Stew $9.99/lb               Loin Roast   $8.99/lb

Flank and Skirt  $9.99/lb          Shanks $7.99/lb            Boston Butt  $9.99/lb

Ground  $6.99/lb              Shoulder chops $11.99/lb           Ground  $6.99/lb

Patties (4)  $7.25/lb           Leg of Lamb $11.99/lb     Sausage links  $9.99/lb

Short Ribs   $4.99/lb                                                       Kielbasa   $8.99/lb

Shank   $5.99/lb                                               Country Style Ribs  $8.99/lb

Stew    $6.99/lb                                                            Back Ribs  $7.99/lb

Roasts   $6.59 - $6.99/lb                                           Bulk Sausage  $7.99/lb

Offal   $2.99/lb                                                                 Bacon  $10.99/lb

Hot Dogs $8.99                                                                    Ham  $7.99/lb

Please call/text ahead to order at - 413-441-4597 - Thank you!