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March Madness- and yes, we do have a sale going on.....

Posted 3/2/2013 3:08pm by Desiree & Jesse Robertson-DuBois.

Winter hayloft 

Despite the changeable weather here in the last few weeks- there are subtle signs of spring in the air here at the farm. The sheep are getting rounder (well, Penny the goat is the most obvious), the hay barns are emptying, tapping in is happening in the sugarbush, and......(drumroll) the greenhouse got it's end of winter cleaning and clearing out! An unfortunate turn of events led to the freezing of the winter greens growing in the house, but Amy Pagano and Nancy Ringer came to help get the greenhouse and hoophouse geared up for seeding early greens and to start transplant production next week. The pigs got a lovely treat of mostly frozen greens, the house got a good sweeping while pallets and benches got shifted around. And theHoophouse Seedingn out came the boxes of seeds, both old (since most of those seeds are totally fine) and the shiny, new packets that have steadily been arriving in the mail. Consolidated, rubber-banded, and cataloged- our seeds are now organized and ready for becoming your delicious CSA veggies.

The hoophouse got old yucky greens thrown out and we started planting for early salad, turnips, radishes, swiss chard, arugula and wrinkled, crinkled crumpled cress! We will plant more lettuce and broccoli raab next week- these veggies are for the store, so don’t forget that we will have them available starting in April.


So yes, that means that you can now sign up for CSA!!!!! YAY!!!

Please note that there are some changes to the Meat CSA- Please read about those here…..and know that we are simply trying to make the whole process both more efficient for farmers and apprentices to pack and almost more importantly, that we’ve finally accumulated enough real data to realize exactly how much it costs to produce our meats. Our new prices reflect these realizations.

In other farm news, we are spending the last days of winter finalizing budgets, ordering supplies and potting mix, tweaking field planting plans, planting charts and the grazing plans for multiple combinations of livestock. And then we do it again as we try to look at it from another perspective, combination or from a different starting point. All of this so that we can make sure that we’ve tried to plan for all the risks, contingencies, weather and so on and so forth- and can therefore be a little more prepared for the height of the craziness that summer always brings when there are never enough hands, tempers are short and the days are long.

The new farm shop is coming along quickly now. We’ve been without a shop or tool storage area since the old barn burned down in 2009 and while we’ve tried to stay organized, it is hard when there isn’t an actual designated spot for that tool that might change at any time. And there is nothing so nice as a radiant heat floor for making working on tractors and other equipment in the winter time go a little easier.

Rick up on the scaffolding for the new shop

We do have a March Sale going on this year in the store, please come by and pick up select varieties of Appalachian Naturals Salad dressings and dips for 50% off all this month. All our remaining winter squash and potatoes are also on Sale for .50 cents/lb while they last. We will have other sale items happening as they become available. We will post these on our Facebook page.

If you see steam coming out of the sugarhouse- stop by and check it out- we are BOILING!!!