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Winter weary

Posted 2/2/2013 1:51pm by Desiree & Jesse Robertson-DuBois.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and many happy returns for the New Year- we (Jesse and Des) booked out of here just after Christmas heading due south to the sunny and deliciously warm Everglades. It was a looooonnnnggg drive with three kids in the truck, but we made it and we had so much fun exploring the million acre National Park full of fabulous and crazy-looking birds, alligators, manatees and coconuts (oh, and bugs, we can't forget them but they were really only horrible at night). We heard the booming of fireworks coming across Florida Bay from Key West and paddled alongside dolphins and manatees on surfboards. We wore t-shirts and ate fresh picked oranges, bananas and strawberries from the farmers' market. It was a wonderful and refreshing respite and we highly encourage everyone to take time for rest, relaxation and reflection. We farmers don't often do this, we love to work, it is why we do what we do for a living, but fresh perspectives and out of the comfort zone experiences are good for all of us. Thank you so much to Paul Papadatos, Amy Pagano and Dicken for holding down the farm, doing chores and caring for our critters while we were away!

As we move out of the dark of the year, we are feeding out large round bales of hay that smell like the sweetest part of the summer, the plastic houses are filling with green and we are planning field layouts, perusing through the stacks of seed catalogs, putting together orders of supplies, planning grazing rotations of animals and breaking the ice out of frozen water buckets.  We are aching for warmer winds- for a sense of a shift towards spring. A little respite for planning is nice, but now it is feeling like time to tap trees for sugaring, to warm up the greenhouse and start thousands of little seeds and see a little more mud instead of just ice. Unless winter decides to give us some more snow- that would be okay- we haven't gotten enough cross country skiing or sledding.

As you drive by the farm you can see the roof going up on the equipment shop! It is so exciting to think of once again having somewhere to work on tractors and store all the tools and such out of the rain and not have to worry about  being in the way of livestock or hay storage.

We have all cuts of all of our meats in stock as well as syrup, squashes, potatoes and greens (you can call Des to find out what she has) in the store- we are open on Fridays and Saturdays! Cheers!