Belted Galloway Beef

Our beef herd

Galloway beef herd

Our original breeding stock is from here in Western Massachusetts; from the outstanding grass-fed genetics of Wheelview Farm in Shelburne, MA. Most of our cows are Belted Galloway x Black Angus, so they winter comfortably, grow well on grass alone and are known for their excellent mothering. Our animals live their entire lives here, on the farm.

The herd is rotationally grazed during the summer months throughout the farm and on rented land from the Musante family. The Dalton Police Department often helps move them across the busy highway of Route 9 by stopping traffic for the five minutes or so that it takes the herd to cross. We are very appreciative of their assistance!

Constant access to rich, fresh grass during the summer and our own hay and baleage during winter makes our beef some of the most deliciously flavored around. No grain is ever fed and we've never used any sort of hormones with our animals. Antibiotics aren't needed to keep animals healthy when they live in a healthy environment and the only times we've ever used them is for treatment of an injury, and for the shortest time possible. Even then, antibiotics have rarely been needed. 

You can be comfortable knowing that with our beef you know exactly what you're getting; just beef, nothing unwanted added.